I am more than happy to admit that I'm not able to be my best self every day...

but that doesn’t stop me from being the best version of myself overall

Who is Abhi?

I am an entrepreneur, educator and life coach. I have work experience across two continents and have founded 3 start ups.



International clients from 14 countries

Partnerships with Fortune 500 companies

In my spare time I run a Self-development YouTube channel

Rejected Havard's offer to study there

I completed my MBA at the 11th best programme in the world

Corporate career across three countries

Founded 3 start ups in 3 countries

Scored 1590 in SAT and 790 in GMAT

But everyday I have also have had to manage difficulties too

I sustained a serious back injury at the age of 20 that has left me with chronic pain every day

I moved to a new country where I didn't speak the language, understand the culture or have a single friend

I have had to deal with prejudice and racism everyday, in my personal and professional life

I suffered for years with depression and loneliness and have contemplated extreme measures

And I got through all of this without a support network, by myself.

The real story you should care about isn't how much someone has done with life in general, but what they were able to achieve when everything was against them. How they were able to show up every day and try, even on the days when it feels impossible.

Comparing your success directly to someone else's is pointless, it will only make you hate yourself. Instead, remember:

Journeying through life isn't supposed to be easy.

The challenges you have faced and overcome,

staying consistent, through good times and bad...

This is the real measure of success.

Honestly, for many years it felt like my life was a loop of utter and complete darkness. Every single day required me to fight just to survive, and every single day I fantasised about giving up. But I chose the other option- to fight!

At first, I crawled towards the light, some days I walked, some days I cried, some days I fell to the ground exhausted, gasping for air. I was lonely and ready to quit... but I ALWAYS got back up and tried.

By showing up everyday- even when I couldn’t do my best, I started seeing results

So, how did I reach my version of success?

Not the movie-like “all-guns-blazing fight for my life

But an everyday battle between myself and the rest of the world.

But, by sticking through the worst of days I have managed to shape the life I wanted, whilst learning more abut myself and improving in all areas of my life every day.

Now it's your turn- get in touch with me and let's talk about you and how finding your P.A.C.E. will add value to your life

The path that has led me to where I am today has not been easy-

at times it has felt impossible.

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Abhisek Kishor Coaching Online Life Coaching