From alone, depressed and burned out...

Abhisek Kishor Coaching Online Life Coaching
Abhisek Kishor Coaching Online Life Coaching

to happy, fulfilled and living my version of success

Success doesn't come overnight...

Well, sometimes it does... Maybe if you are a nepo, or you are extremely lucky, or you push yourself for an extended period of time in an entirely unhealthy, unsustainable way.  But the truth is, real success takes time, and that's okay.

Just having a goal isn't enough. On average, only 8% of people actually achieve the goals they set out to achieve. To really create change, we have to understand the goal completely and really plan out each step to achieving it:

  • What does this goal truly mean to you?

  • How will it impact your life in both the short and the long term?

  • What smaller, more achievable targets can we set along the way?

  • How will you have to change your everyday life? What new habits would you need to build?

  • What do you want to learn on the journey to achieving this goal?

  • Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices

So, I am sorry, but if you want to be successful within a few months, then I can't help you! But what I can do is set you on the path to success- a sustainable, lasting success.

How can I help?


- GMAT/ SAT Guidance

- CV Building

- Interview Preparation

- Education Counselling

- Time-Management

Personal Growth

- Self-Esteem & Personal Development

- Spiritual Coaching

- Lethargy into Energy

- Achieving Mindset

- Failures into Successes


- Career Counselling

- CV Building

- Interview Preparation

- Public Speaking

- Preventing burnout

90% of all start-ups fail

Be part of the 10% by learning how to turn failures into successes. Together we will work on:

start-up knowledge, time-management skills, goal planning and improving your public speaking

Finding your Purpose

- Education or Career Counselling

- Time-management

- Turn Lethargy into Energy

- Achieving Mindset

- Find what Motivates YOU

Something else?

If there's something else you are struggling with, let's get on a call to see how I can help.

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To see results you have to take action-

So take the first action now!